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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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January 12, 1915.

We had reached to about the foot of the first
page ; you remember how it was said that Discrimi-
nation was €t to be practised not only at the beginning
of the Path, but at every step of it every day until
the end ". We were speaking about the difficulty
of that. Then it goes on ;

You enter the Path, because you have learned that on
it alone can be found those things which are worth gaining.
Men who do not know work to gain wealth and power, but
these are at most for one life only, and therefore unreal.

You will remember that we said <( unreal "
had to be taken very much in the sense of " imper-
manent ".

There are greater things than these—things which are
real and lasting ; when you have once seen these, you desire
those others no more.

That, of course, has to be taken literally. It is a
fact that, when you have once seen the greater things,
you have no longer the taste for the lower things; but
it must be absolutely that fact which induces you to
refrain from following them. Very often people
seem to confound cause and effect, and they think
that to pretend not to care for these things—which